The Canterbury Bulldogs have lost their first game of the 2011 NRL season, after being humbled by the Melbourne Storm at AAMI Park.

It was the orange shoes that Billy Slater was wearing, that gave him jet-like abilities, as he darted and weaved his way through the Bulldogs defence.

In the NRL, we are accustomed to tries, the first try at least, coming at around the 5 or so minute mark, but not in this match.

This match was something special, with the first try being scored after just 49 seconds, following an error from Ben Barba, who attempted to bat the ball back into the field of play off a Cronk 40/20.

With the Bulldogs on the attack, and with a chance to tie the game, the Dogs were denied a try, when it was ruled by video ref Phil Ward, that Jake Foster had taken Cronk out of play to make the tackle.

The Storm showed all the early dominance, and at half-time, they were clearly on top, as they led 18-4 at the break.

The Bulldogs did show spirit and character in the second half, but it was not enough to deny the Storm the win, who were clearly the better team.

For Bulldogs skipper Andrew Ryan, he acknowledges that it was poor ball control that cost his side the game, especially in the first half.

“They can throw a lot at you and we helped their cause,” he said.

“We were only at about 40 or 50 per cent in our completion so when you give them that much pill it makes it very hard to win a half of footy.”

Craig Bellamy was over the moon with his side’s performance, highlighting their strong levels of commitment and attitude from the kick-off as great to see.

“Last week we didn’t respect possession and looked for short cuts to score points and get field position,” Bellamy said.

“We were determined to make amends for our performance and the result was a good one for us.”

Dally M Points

3 Cooper Cronk

2 Billy Slater

1 Matt Duffie

By ricky

2 thoughts on “Storm hand the Bulldogs their first loss of the season”
  1. The third ref should never be allowed to take part in league again as the no try call was way up there with the worst calls ever. This kind of crap takes away from the game and still nothing gets done. Of course it was a try, Cronk closed the hole and then took a drive like a soccer player who needed his mummy. How was he ever going to stop the try?

  2. Thanks for the comment Phil.
    I guess for the video ref Chris Ward, he felt that there was a strong case for obstruction, though the replay does suggest that Cronk went for that player on purpose, rather than being obstructed.
    What’s perhaps more interesting however, and a point that was raised during the game, is of the pass that looked forward anyways from Barba.

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