With the rumours of Wayne Bennett returning to the Broncos looming, that has all been put to bed, with the Brisbane Broncos announcing that current coach, Anthony Griffin, has signed an extension that will see him with the club until the end of the 2013 season.

When negotiations with Bennett had concluded last night, the Broncos pounced on Griffin, who has performed well as Broncos coach so far in 2011.

“I am delighted to announce that Anthony Griffin will be head coach of the Brisbane Broncos until at least 2013,” said Broncos chief executive Paul White.

“Anthony has served a long and distinguished apprenticeship in both the NRL and the Queensland Cup and has also made a strong impression in guiding the Broncos to a good start this season.

“He has impressed greatly with his man management skills, his strategic thinking and his technical capabilities; he is a coach that players want to play for.

“We have an outstanding young roster and Anthony has had much to do with their development over the years.”

Despite the persistent Bennett rumours, Broncos Chief Executive, Paul White, said that the club felt comfortable in having Griffin as their long-term coach.

“This announcement brings to a conclusion the club’s negotiation with Wayne Bennett,” said White.

“We met with him last night and he confirmed that he wants pursue other options.

“He was greatly appreciative that the club had opened the door for a return. Wayne’s legacy at this club cannot be challenged and he still has a passion for the club.

“He will speak for himself but he did endorse the direction of club and Anthony’s appointment, whom he first brought to the Broncos.

“I feel very comfortable that the board and I worked as hard we could to make it happen, but Wayne is entitled to make a decision for his next role in the best interest of himself and his family.”

Griffin, who was named head coach in February, following the sudden sacking of former Broncos coach Ivan Henjak, said that he was ecstatic that his tenure as coach has now been extended.

“It’s an honour to be officially endorsed as the next head coach of the Brisbane Broncos,” he said.

“Whichever way this turned out I was comfortable with the process the club went through and was always looking forward to a future with the club.

“I will now get on with the job of making the rest of the season as successful as possible.”

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