The issues have been handed with breach notices by the NRL for two separate incidents totalling $5000 during their win over the Sydney Roosters in Rd 5.

The Warriors were handed their first breach notice of $3000, for failing to enter the field when requested upon, with the second breach of $2000 handed down, due to trainer Ruben Wiki making contact with an opposition player during an off-field incident.

“In relation to the Warriors failing to enter the field of play when requested, we understand that there were some extenuating circumstances but teams are fully aware of their responsibilities to enter the field of play when required,” NRL Director of Football Operations, Mr Nathan McGuirk, said today.

“In regards to the second breach notice, Mr Wiki may have had the best of intentions but there is absolutely no reason for any trainer to place his hands on an opposing player or to become involved in the play in those circumstances.

“There are strict guidelines in place around the conduct of trainers on the field and failure to adhere to these can lead to a trainer being fined and possibly suspended.”

The Warriors will have five working days to respond to the breach notices handed down by the NRL.

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