In light of players shifting teams left, right and centre, Storm coach Craig Bellamy has called for mid-season transfers to be scrapped, as he seeks changes to the method for it.

With league officials all but seemingly becoming comfortable with the mid-season transfers, the Storm, in light of their 2010 cap scandal, have been forced to come up with their own process to deal with mid-season moves taking place.

The comments come in light of forward Adam Blair, who has been with the Storm since he was 17 years of age – announces that he is set to sign with the Wests Tigers from the 2012 season.

It is moves like these, that worry Bellamy in regards to disrupting team chemistry both on and off-the-field that has the potential to interrupt their 4-1 start to the season.

Whilst he is unsure as to the new method that they can implement, he says that the system has to be tweaked in order to work more efficiently.

“It’s not until you live in Melbourne and talk to the people who have lived down here with the other footy code (AFL) – they just can’t believe it happens, because it doesn’t happen in their game,” Bellamy said yesterday.

“It would be ideal to do it at the end of the season, and that was mentioned a few years ago, and the point of view was that players haven’t got time at the end of the season to pack up and go, if they have to go somewhere. I don’t know whether that is a feasible excuse.

“I would like to see it a bit easier for the clubs.

“We’ve got a certain method, or system, as to how we handle it, which we think works. We try to make it as less disruptive as we can, but sometimes that’s not easy.

“I don’t have the answers, and it’s certainly not my decision. But you’d like to ideally see players wait until the end of the season before they announce or decide where they are going to go. I think we would all like to see something that is more tidy.”

Despite the issue of mid-season transfers being raised before, NRL officials have said that the system will remain the way it is for the foreseeable future.

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