It is a situation that is not seen very often in the NRL, but Bulldogs prop Michael Hodgson has been told that he will not be able to train, or play, until medical staff can work out the reasons as to why he fainted at ANZ Stadium.

His collapse is being treated as mysterious, as he is set to undergo blood tests, scans and cardiac tests, before the Dogs make a final decision on his immediate playing future.

”He essentially fainted for no obvious reason,” said Bulldogs doctor Joe Lombardo.

“There was no head knock, he was well hydrated and he had no recent illness. There was nothing in that respect to go on.

There is a positive out of the situation however, as the fainting spell will give Hodgson some time to mingle with his family, who live in Canberra.

In a radio interview, Hodgson conceded that it may have been the constant travelling to and from Canberra, that played a part in the reason as to why he fainted.

A cardiologist is set to look at Hodgson today, and no decision will be made on Hodgson’s future, until the cardiologist inspects him.

We don’t want to put it down to that if it is something more serious,” Lombardo said.

“It is the first time I have come across something like this.”

“Obviously things like this do happen – they require investigation”.

“At the moment, he is fine. He has no symptoms and is carrying on with life as normal. But he will not be playing or training again, until we find out if anything is wrong.”

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