He is one of the hot commodities in the NRL right now, but William Hopoate may abandon it all, as he considers the possibility of leaving the NRL for two years to compete a missionary, as part of his Mormon faith.

With some believing that Origin beckons for him, as early as this year, there are 5 clubs looking at securing the services of Hopoate, but neither may get him, if he goes ahead with the missionary in 2012 and 2013.

Despite all this however, Hopoate has revealed his desire to to serve as a missionary at some stage in his life, as part of his Mormon faith.

”I’m deeply religious, and the missionary service is something I’m taking into consideration,” Hopoate said.

”I’m weighing up my options but it’s important to me.”

With Hoppa’s uncle Albert doing the same thing back in 2005, his father, the controversial NRL figure John Hopoate says that for him, to go on a Mormon missionary would be “missionary impossible”.

”I did things that went against the teachings of our church, I didn’t think I was entitled to do it,” John said.

”But William is a good kid. Some people would think he was crazy to knock back the kind of money being offered to do church work, but it is 100 per cent his choice, and I will support him.”

Whilst he would be proud to represent NSW if given the chance, even the young man himself, believes that he is not quite ready for that stage, as of yet.

”I’m still trying to find my feet in the NRL but for them to bring up Origin is a big call at the moment,” he said.

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