He is one of the best coaches going around in the NRL, and he is well aware of the player burnout amongst his playing group, and the NRL.

Now, Craig Bellamy wants to see the Test Match in May, and the City/Country Origin fixture as a stand-alone week for the players, claiming that to back up the next day is asking too much of them, despite their peak physical fitness.

The wait for such a move might take a while however, with the NRL at this stage, entrenched in working on formulating the NRL’s Independent Commission, as well as getting close to negotiating the new TV Rights deal.

The call came yesterday, after Bellamy wants to see changes to prevent players having to play 24-48 hours later, in games for their clubs.

“We’re all about the welfare of our players and making sure we do the best for them. If we haven’t got the players, we haven’t got a game,” he said.

“For our Test players it won’t be a long way to travel [from the Gold Coast], but if we’ve got guys in City Country playing at Albury, to play Friday night then have to travel to Sydney, then Brisbane – that’s a big ask.

“I’m going on our team, but there are other teams that are as much affected. For guys to play then travel and play again in the space of 24 or 48 hours, it’s a tough ask. I think it’s about time the league looked at that”

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