It was a milestone match for the Titans, with Nathan Friend playing in his 100th match for the Titans, but the game was almost remembered for the wrong reasons, with some poor officiating.

Despite Friend’s 100th game for the club, Titans coach John Cartwright was less than impressed with some of the calls that were made by the referees.

“I thought we got jammed (by the referees) just as bad last week but you can’t say anything when you play that bad (against Parramatta),” he said.

“Tonight we got jammed and we came away with a win.

“I have been involved in rugby league for 40 years and this year I am more bewildered than I have ever been (by refereeing).”

The Titans seemed to cop the brunt of these calls, with 3 tries being disallowed – two to Ryan James, and one for Preston Campbell, before they faced an anxious wait for the match winner, with David Mead’s try going to the video-ref.

Despite these calls however, the Titans certainly failed to make any friends amongst themselves, as they gave away several penalties whilst in possession.

With the third milestone proving to be lucky, following previous losses for Preston’s 250th and Bailey’s 200th, Cartwright says that he was very close to giving up on milestones.

“I was getting a bit over the milestones to be honest,” Cartwright smiled.

“But it was a very deserving and typical performance from him (Friend) as well.”

Perhaps a key improvement for the club, was the return of live-wire utility, Preston Campbell to the team.

“Having Preston back helped … we just looked a lot more composed in defence and attack,” Cartwright said.

“He gives that comforting feeling for everyone – coaches included.

“You can’t put a value on what he does but when he is out there you notice the difference.”

Dally M Points

3 William Zillman

2 Preston Campbell

1 Ryan James

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