It is another incident that the NRL did not need, albeit to a lesser known player, but Titans prop Matthew White has been charged with drink-driving.

With the issue being considered a considerably large one by the Titans football club, after careful deliberation with senior players and management, the decisions made were as follows:

  • To charge White $25,000 based on the high range of the offence.
  • Ordered to undergo a driving and alcohol education course.
  • Ordered to undertake 100 hours community service with driver education.

For White himself, he understands that he has let the team down, the organisation and his friends and family, and accepts the punishments that were handed down to him.

“I am personally embarrassed by my actions and accept full accountability for them,” said White.

“I acknowledge that my actions go against the players’ strong code of conduct and the club’s policies in this area.

“I will do everything in my power to regain the trust of my teammates, the club and our fans and sponsors.”

Michael Searle, Titans CEO, says that White is aware that his actions have breached the Titans and the NRL’s Code of Conduct.

“Matt is aware of his responsibilities and has acknowledged that he has put himself in this situation,” said Searle.

“Since joining the club in 2009, Matt has been a valued member of the team on and off the field and we hope that this is purely an isolated incident that he can learn from.

“The club will work with Matt to ensure he undertakes further education in relation to alcohol and driving.”

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