Currently without a coach for the 2012 season, and uncertain as to where he stands with the club, Panthers centre Michael Jennings has come out and implored the Panthers to find and appoint a new coach, as soon as possible.

With several key players off-contract at the Panthers, and no coach beyond 2011, negotiating is a tough ask, and for Jennings, he wants things sorted for himself and team-mates quickly.

“If I was a player off-contract it would be beneficial to know who the coach is just to suit your game,” Jennings said.

“It would be good to know who’s going to coach next year just to clear it all up.”

In light of Jennings’ comments, rumours suggest that several key players are displeased at the rash treatment of coach Matthew Elliott by the Penrith board.

“It’s good (to be in camp with City), you get away from all the distractions that are going on at the moment and just really clear your mind … start fresh,” Jennings said.

“It is a bit frustrating but we’re not getting too caught up in it.

“What’s done is done and now we’ve just got to focus on our season.”

Despite coaching City in the annual City v Country clash, one former Panther who will not be returning as a coach for the time being, is Brad ‘Freddy’ Fittler.

“It’s a big job out there and I don’t know if I’d be up to it,” Fittler said, adding that no approach had been made.

“You’ve got a lot of juniors you’ve got to work out and there’s some real structures to be put in there.

“I don’t think I’m the man for that job.

“I love Penrith and the big thing is I love their juniors, I played in amongst them, I know how competitive it is and I just know there’s another way it can be done.

“But it needs money and it needs energy and I haven’t spent enough time in Penrith to know if they’ve got that.”

The former Roosters boss said his job in the media suited his lifestyle, for now at least with his young family.

“I’m sure at some stage I will (coach) because I like it.

“I love talking to the blokes and I love seeing the whole process of getting the most out of them.”

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