There were rumours he was headed there, before they fell through, but now, new Knights coach for 2012 Wayne Bennett, and potential Knights target Kade Snowden will meet to discuss a possible move.

Snowden, who is preparing himself for the test match this Friday night, after being named as the replacement for the the injured David Shillington, answered questions in relation to club level success at Cronulla.

“I’m not really sure. It would be more of a chance at Newcastle than at Cronulla.

“I would love to go home just to be around the family and I love Cronulla. So whatever I choose I will be happy. Cronulla have done the right thing by me since I moved here. I hope to get it done by the next couple of weeks. I just want to get it out of the way.”

I have got an idea but I just don’t want to say too much.”

Snowden also said that in the near future, he expects to sit down with Bennett, and discuss the plan of attack for his own future from 2012 and beyond.

“I think we will sit down with him over the next week and talk about a few things,” he said.

After being named in the country side initially, Snowden was not made aware that he was named as Shillington’s replacement, until Country coach Laurie Daley broke the news to him at breakfast.

“I said to Dad I’m just on my way to the Gold Coast and he said I thought it was in Albury?

“And I said no I just got called up for the Australian side.

“They were over the moon.”

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