We always hear that it is the QLD Origin side that has more passion, but Panthers prop, and potential NSW prop, Tim Grant, says that this cannot be further from the truth.

With his comments, he is eager to get his chance to prove that this is not the case, and that NSW players have just as much passion to play for their side, as the QLD’ers do.

Despite the likelihood of Grant playing for NSW slim, with players like Michael Weyman, Kade Snowden, Tim Mannah and Aiden Tolman the favourites, getting in will be no easy feat.

“I think Queensland talk about their passion but if you talk to any of the boys in this camp or in the Country camp it means just as much or more to us to play for our state as well,” Grant said.

“For me it’d be a great honour, something I’ve always dreamed about when I was a kid.”

Despite comments that the QLD’ers are more passionate, Grant disagreed with this strongly, and says that it is far from the truth.

“I reckon it’s a crock,” Grant said.

“They can talk about it but it means just us much to us.

“NSW, it’s where you live, where you grow up, it’s what you believe in.

“It’s probably unfair that they (Queensland) claim that but they’re winning so they can say what they want.”

By ricky

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