He is playing rather poorly so far this season, and now, fas have made their voices heard, after Matt Orford’s Audi was vandalised, in a clear message from one irate fan.

Witnesses who saw the incident take place, say that someone dressed in Raiders supporters gear, keyed the former Dally M Medallist’s car in the car-park of Canberra Stadium, after their humiliating 37-point loss at the hands of the Tigers.

Orford was not the only one that was subject to abuse from Raiders fans however, with cheerleaders, player’s partners, and even ball-boys, all being subject to unwarranted abuse.

Whilst it is unclear if the Raiders have contacted ACT Police about the incidents, John McIntyre, the Raiders chairman, is absolutely disgusted by the incident.

”I’m absolutely appalled by it,” McIntyre said.

”Hopefully systems are in place that they’ll nail whoever it is. We’ve got such a keen bunch of supporters, it’s a shame it can be brought down by one boofhead. I’m very disappointed that it happened.”

Whilst Orford refused to comment on the matter, Raiders prop Brett White hoped that authorities would take the appropriate action against the perpetrators.

”If the culprits are found, I don’t see why there shouldn’t be bans,’’ White said.

‘‘The Bulldogs had incidents like that a few years ago and were quick to step in and take action. No doubt if anyone’s found to be doing that the club will take action swiftly. I don’t think it belongs in our game.’’

‘‘We all love our game and are very passionate about it, passionate about our club, but I think it’s going too far. I know fans can get frustrated and voice their opinion quite a lot, but when it comes to damaging individual’s property, it’s going too far.’’

The incident has also distressed Raiders CEO, Don Furner, with Furner saying that after hearing of the incidents, he is “embarrassed to be a Canberran”.

‘‘I would hope that our fans wouldn’t go vandalising somebody’s car after a game, I think it’s pathetic’’ Furner said.

‘‘I’m a bit embarrassed to be a Canberran if that’s the way our fans are going to react, by vandalising cars. It is gutless. Apart from the fact it’s not very brave, it is a crime to go around vandalising things.’’

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