After they served many provisional bans for positive drugs tests, they were both cleared at their hearings, after the time they served away from the game was deemed as satisfactory.

The NSW Rugby League Anti-Doping Tribunal said that there was “no substantial fault or negligence” when talking about Tom Humble and Brendan Oake, who both tested positive to a banned substance methylhexaneamine way back in 2009.

Both players, who at that time were playing for Wentworthville, served provisional suspensions since October 12.

“Both players established that they had not purchased the substance and that they were not aware of its contents,” it said in a statement.

“Both players had established how the substance entered their system and that there was no substantial fault or negligence on the part of the players.

“It furthermore found that the players had offered both relevant information and meaningful assistance to any future investigation.

“The tribunal concluded in the light of its findings that there should be no further penalty beyond the provisional suspension already served.”

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