The rumours continue to persist that he is headed to the ESL, but for Panthers back-rower Trent Waterhouse, he plans to sit down with new coaching director Phil Gould, and talk about remaining with the club.

For Waterhouse, being a one-club man is something that he wants to achieve, but the threat of the salary cap, and the pressures it brings, may just force him out as a result.

With the new coaching director in Gould at the club, Waterhouse is hopeful that he can work something out with Gould, in order to remain with the club.

“I guess it is all really up in the air at the moment but I can’t see myself playing against the Panthers,” Waterhouse said.

“I haven’t made a decision yet and we are still sorting that all out. I still want to stay here but I don’t know what the situation with the cap is. I am actually going to go in and see Gus next week and see if he can sort something out.

“I would definitely like to stay and I will have a talk to him – he is in charge now – and see what he can do. I will make a decision after that.”

One of the few players remaining from the Panthers 2003 premiership winning side, Waterhouse concedes that to play against his beloved Panthers is something that he just cannot bring himself to do.

“I really don’t think I could play against Penrith. I guess overseas is an option if I can’t stay here and it is something I am thinking about.”

Despite all the lingering talk about his future however, Waterhouse and the Panthers will now turn their attention to ensuring that their side can get back-to-back wins on the trot against the Wests Tigers today.

“We went in with a good game plan last week,” he said.

“And we actually stuck to it, which is a change. I think Matty (Elliott) has been coming up with good plans all year but we haven’t been able to execute or stick to what he has told us to do.

“We have come up with a lot of errors and silly penalties at crucial times and last week we got in the arm wrestle and stuck to the plan. It really paid off and we are hoping to do the same against the Tigers.

“There is no reason we can’t win if we play like we did last week.”

Whilst Gould is the coaching director at Penrith, he has had limited talks with the players at this stage, though he addressed the team on Monday.

“He didn’t say much,” Waterhouse said.

“He just came in and told us he was on the hunt for a new coach and that was his priority. It was pretty short and sweet.

“He didn’t have much to say and I guess he just wanted to meet us and let us know what he is doing.”

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