With many rumours suggesting that he is on the outer at Newcastle, Knights five-eighth Beau Henry says that he will do everything he can to show Bennett that he is a worthy player to stay with the club.

With Henry saying that he has heard nothing of rumours linking him to other clubs, rumours suggest that it was Wayne Bennett who may let him go, along with other players from the Knights club.

With the Knights under pressure from fans in regards to their salary cap, the decisions being made to let go of some players is a sign that they are looking to ensure that that does not remain the case.

Again, despite all the rumours, Henry says that he has no intentions of going anywhere.

“I haven’t heard a thing about it. I’ve got no idea where it (the speculation about a move to Cronulla) has come from,” he said yesterday.

“I’ve just been concentrating on getting back playing again after being out for eight weeks.”

Henry says that in regards to feeling threatened about leaving the club:

“Everyone has to try and prove a point to Wayne, that they belong here. That’s what I’m going to be doing.

“I definitely want to stay.”

Gavin Orr, Henry’s manager said that he received no notice whatsoever from the Knights, to suggest that his client should look elsewhere in 2012 for a club.

“I had three or four clubs ring me as soon as Wayne Bennett signed at the Knights to say they’d be interested in Beau if he became available,” Orr said.

“There seems to be this perception out there that Beau and Wayne don’t get on, for some reason, because he left the Dragons.

“The simple fact is Beau wanted an opportunity to play NRL and knew it wasn’t going to happen with (Ben) Hornby and (Jamie) Soward there.”

“If there is speculation out there, it is not coming from us.”

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