At some stage, many players will be faced with the decision to leave, and for a few players at the Parramatta Eels, this may very well be the case, as Chris Sandow and Ben Roberts have been signed in the halves, for the 2012 season.

With Casey McGuire, Jeff Robson, Anthony Mitchell and Tom Humble all off contract, so it will be inconceivable that some will leave the club, with McGuire and Mitchell likely to be the two that part ways.

“We won’t be keeping everyone, the salary cap doesn’t allow that,” Kearney said yesterday.

“I don’t want to talk a great deal about next year. We’re getting two specialist halves that are coming to the club next year, in that sense we’ll be very well served in that area.

“The main part of our recruitment drive has been sorted. We’ve kept guys we wanted to keep.”

The comments suggest that the four players could make way, but Robson and Humble are the two likely to be re-signed, out of the four off-contract.

David Riolo, McGuire’s manager is confident that he and the club can work out a deal in 2012 for his client, to remain with the Eels for next season.

With rumours that Mortimer could be the number 9 next year, those rumours have been put to bed by Kearney, who also says that he has every intention of standing by the young half, as a Parramatta player in the future.

“He’s committed to us and we’ve committed to him,” Kearney said yesterday.

“He’s just going through a form issue and the guys that stepped in last week gave him an opportunity to have a break. He’d had a pretty tough month.

“So we put Casey into six and the two halves worked really well on Monday night.

“It’s a difficult position and he’s a young half. It’s going to take some time for him.

“We’ll keep working through it and he’s a great young lad and I’m sure he’ll be better for the experience.”

When pressed as to whether or not there is room in the cap to retain those currently at the club, Kearney said:

“There could be a little bit of room there,” he said.

“Everyone’s pretty clear where we are heading and where we’re going with that. They’ve already signed the players we’re looking to keep.

” We’re just waiting for a few things to fall in place and whether we can fit everyone in. It just doesn’t work like that. That’s what the salary cap is there for.”

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