If you can believe it, the Titans had an astonishing 8 tries disallowed, which is almost unheard of in the NRL these days, amongst criticism that rules are changed when it is the Origin period.

”You could do that here two nights ago,” Canterbury halfback Trent Hodkinson said after being reported for dropping the forearm into the face of Titan Steve Michaels in the second match of the Suncorp Stadium double-header.

Hodkinson is likely to face a stint on the sideline, after a poor and unnecessary second effort after a massive hit on Steve Michaels, with Michael Ennis and Corey Payne also being put on report for the Bulldogs.

The game was all about the Kris Keating and Frank Pritchard show, as the two combined to set-up and score two tries  respectively.

The Titans also fell victim to a technicality in the rule, after Michael Henderson was denied a try, following a minor bump in the play, by a team-mate.

Titans coach John Cartwright was disappointed, but was not in the mood to point out the disallowed tries, given that the game was not too close.

”If it was a closer game I would have had something to say about [the disallowed tries],” Cartwright said.

More to follow when more reports come in.

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