After a long-winded process, Knights centre Junior Sa’u is pleased that his future has now been sorted, but is wanting to focus on the present, and the task at hand that the Knights are faced with.

With contract negotiations dating back to an astonishing 6 months ago, all has been made official, as Sa’u made the decision to remain with the Knights for another two seasons.

For Sa’u, he thinks that even in season 2011, the Knights can offer something in the NRL finals when they arrive, even before master-coach Wayne Bennett arrives at the club.

‘‘We’ve got a job to do this year,’’ Sa’u said yesterday.

‘‘We’ve got the boys to do it. Most of us have been playing here for four years now and pretty much know each others’ games inside out.

‘‘We’ve got a good coaching staff, [Rick Stone] and his crew, and all the boys have got faith in them.

‘‘We’re not even focusing on next year.

‘‘There’s a job to do this year and we’ve got the boys to do it.’’

With injuries and suspensions disrupting their good play, and team in general, Sa’u believes that the team is slowly getting better, and gelling together better.

‘‘The best is to come,’’ he said.

‘‘Unfortunately since round one and two, we’ve been without our full team. We’re still missing the likes of Adam MacDougall and now we’ve got Jarrod [Mullen] out.

‘‘But we’ve got a lot of depth and I’ve got full confidence in whoever steps into their spot.

‘‘We’ve just got to take it game by game. We’ve got the Tigers this week and it’s a must-win game, and I’m very confident we can do the job.’’

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