Some will say that it was too early to bring him back, and others will tell you that he was as fit as a fiddle – but regardless of which it was, Raiders five-eighth Terry Campese again finds himself on the sidelines, this time, with a groin injury.

Returning from his off-season knee surgery for the first time this season, Campese lasted a mere few minutes, as he was forced from the field, in severe discomfort.

The prognosis? A groin injury, that will see the play-maker sidelined, and unable to play or train for at least another 4-6 weeks, after sustaining the injury in the Raiders loss to the North Queensland Cowboys.

Campese could tell straight away that something was not right, and left the field immediately, as a result.

“I just felt my groin and never felt the best and then tried to jog afterwards,” he said.

“I just knew that I’d be more a liability than anything so it would be better to get one of the guys on the bench.”

Despite the injury however, Campese is attempting to do what he can, to ensure that he looks on the bright side of things.

“There’s people worse off than me … I’m still lucky to be in the position I am.

“I’ve just got to keep my head up and do the right thing by my injuries,” Campese said.

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