With the Bulldogs struggling in form and to get results at the moment, their coach Kevin Moore has been given a final ultimatum for the season – make the top 4, or you get the sack.

Whilst his contract will be reviewed in a months time, it is unlikely that Moore will be sacked mid-season.

With the club seemingly out of sorts, and playing poorly, Bulldogs board members have had enough of the poor form, and are growing increasingly restless and angry, as a result.

In a clear sign that there is perhaps some tension between coach Moore and club officials, Moore wants captain Andrew Ryan to remain with the club for another season, whilst club officials believe that it is time for him to move on, probably to the ESL.

“Kevin wants to be careful. If he keeps pushing to keep Ryan, it could ultimately cost him his coaching gig,” says the source.

With the Bulldogs, on paper, having one of the NRL’s best rosters, they expect nothing but a top 4 finish, and expect a grandstand finish to end the season, culminating in a top 4 romp.

“The board feel we recruited strongly and should be performing better. It’s that simple,” the source said.

“There isn’t a split at board level. Everyone is together in their thinking.

“The next month will be vital for Kevin. We have a good roster and should be winning more games.

“But there is no way Kevin will be sacked this year. He will finish the season. But if we don’t make the final four, I can’t see Kev coming back next season.”

With rumours also rife that Moore and assistant coach Jim Dymock are having a war of words between each other, such reports have been denied, as CEO Todd Greenberg said that the club is working on reversing their fortunes, and, their results.

“We all have a collective responsibility and we are all in this together,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “Moore given an ultimatum for remainder of the season”
  1. Sack Kevin Moore ,he was never a goodplayer and as a coach he is not of first grade quality,the bulldogs have a good playing roster,but are failing to put in good performances.Andrew Ryan should have been let go at least 2 years ago .The bulldogs are looking at Ricky Stuart who is not the answer,he restricts his play makers to much.Graham Murray is a brillant coach and many clubs over look him .Kevin is to close to his players(more of a mate) then been a coach , K Moore has to go, so does Ryan , Stagg and a few others.

  2. Appreciate the comment John.
    Murray has been one of those coaches that has been overlooked quite a few times, and will probably continue to do so.

    Stagg doesn’t seem like the player that he was a few years back, that’s for sure.

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