He is not only one of the Titans favourite sons, but also a favourite son of the NRL, and for those that have tracked him over the years, they will get to do so again, in 2012, after Preston Campbell signed a 1-year extension with the Titans.

As one of the Titans inaugural signings upon their admission into the NRL, the thought did cross Campbell’s mind that it was time to retire, but with a little help from Body Science, his 35-year old legs feel fresh enough to go around once more.

Another telling factor behind his decision to stay on was the chance to play alongside players such as Jamal Idris, Luke Douglas etc. – players that he cannot wait to play with.

“The main reason is I’m feeling really good at the moment. The way we’re going as a team isn’t that great but hopefully we can finish on this season on a good note,’’ said Campbell.

“We’ve got a bit of a changing team and there will be some fresh faces here next year so I’m really excited to play alongside those boys.

“I’m also happy to continue helping the club with its work in the community and through programs like the Learn Earn Legend initiative for indigenous students.’’

For Titans CEO Michael Searle, he is over the moon that they managed to convince Preston to stay for another year, and is keen to have him as a role model for the younger players coming through the ranks.

“Preston has been an integral part of what we’ve been able to build here on and off the field so for him to be playing on as the club embarks on a new era is fantastic,’’ said Searle.

“He’s still playing some great football and contributing to the club in so many different ways.’’

Titans Coach John Cartwright said that he too is pleased with Preston re-signing, as despite his age, it will be his nature, and football skills that will help the team in the future as they progress.

“It just makes you feel better knowing that Preston is going to be involved next year,’’ said Cartwright.

“He has such a great influence on his teammates and I’m really happy that he’s decided to go around again.’’

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