You know him as one of the star Raiders players of the late 80’s and early 90’s, and now, it is friend John Cartwright, who has asked Gary “Badge” Belcher to join the club, as a back-line coach.

With the retirement of Preston Campbell leaving a gaping whole experience wise in the Titans back-line, the intention of Belcher’s recruitment to such a role, is to see who the best fit will be to replace Preston in the back-line.

Titans coach John Cartwright sees specialist coaches in certain areas as important for a club, and is keen to use their expertise of the game.

“I’d love to say I know everything about fullback play and halfback play but I don’t,” said Cartwright.

“I just think it’s the way coaching is going.

“The sports that have the huge budgets have a lot of individual coaching and mentors and guys that the players can talk to about the finer points of their positional play.

“It’s something we’ve tried to do this off-season.”

Belcher, who was previously an assistant coach at the Broncos, now resides on the Gold Coast, after moving there following his axing by Wayne Bennett from the Broncos as assistant, back in 2005.

“I think everyone can (do with some help). Even the best players in the game like to get a bit of advice from coaches and different people. I know I did when I was playing,” he said.

With Belcher having experience in the back-line, having played fullback – it is a move that could reap just rewards.

“If I was a coach of a side and Carty was available to help my frontrowers or backrowers, I’d jump at the chance,” Belcher said.

“I think I see (fullback play) probably a bit differently than he does.

“I played a fair bit there and I don’t think the game’s changed that much that I can’t help out.

“We’ll just see how it goes.”

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