It is a stance that some coaches opt for, whilst others do not – but it is clear that it gets the message across efficiently, quickly, as well as kicking the player into gear.

For Broncos coach Anthony Griffin, he only knows one way – the hard way.

Broncos winger Jharal Yow Yeh was on the receiving end of the hard way, after he was sent to the Norths Devils by Griffin, for showing up to the side’s Australia Day training late, after he slept in.

With the sentence being to spend two weeks at the Broncos feeder club, coached by Craig Hodges – Yow Yeh gets a break of some sort, given that he is in the Indigenous side for the All-Stars clash.

Despite being allowed to return to Broncos training next Monday, there may still be a chance to further disciplinary action, as a result of Yow Yeh’s lack of punctuality.

“I’ve never had a problem (before) with Jharal but he was careless in this instance, and he has to serve his penance,” Griffin said yesterday.

“I’m a very big fans of his, as a player and a person.

“Because of that, I have high expectations. But that is the case with every player at the club, and there are no exceptions to the rule.

“Unless they have a valid reason, being late for training is just not unacceptable. ”

There were no excuses from Yow Yeh either, with the representative winger knowing exactly what he had done wrong.

“I put my hand up for that,” the winger said.

“We set high standards at the Broncos, and no one is above the rules.

“I’ve copped it on the chin and it’s up to me to prove myself at training, and that’s what I plan to do.”

A positive sign however, is the strong and determined approach that Yow Yeh took when going to Norths, with Hodges praising him for his commitment.

“He was sensational,” Hodges said.

“I can understand the Broncos stance, given that at that level discipline is so important and you just can’t afford to be five minutes late.”

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