With the return of Campese, the friendly rivalry between the two is sure to heat up as David Furner makes a tough decision, but for friends Sam Williams and Josh McCrone, they both know that only one of them, will be able to get the starting halfback gig.

Both McCrone and Williams played the majority of last season together in the halves, with both Terry Campese and Matt Orford (now released), both injured for long periods of time.

Despite that, McCrone knows that only one of them will get the nod, and the 24-year old intends to fight valiantly for his chance to play in the halfback position.

“Someone’s got to miss out – and hopefully it’s not me – but I’ve still got a lot to prove,” he said on Wednesday.

“There are still plenty of spots up for grabs at the trials.

“I’ve only got two trials to push for it.”

Whilst McCrone concedes that Williams may have one-up over him, given that he had experience playing in the halfback role alongside Campese before the five-eighth was injured, Williams knows that the final decision is far from settled.

“Sam is a first grade halfback, so I suppose the club’s in a good situation where they’ve got three or four first grade halves to pick from,” he said.

“Depth is always good, but yeah, it means I might not get a crack.”

With pre-season training beginning in November for the Raiders, McCrone says that he and his team-mates, are eager to get onto the footy field, and play.

“Before Christmas we got a lot of running and after Christmas things sort of settled down a bit we got to chase a bit of ball and there was a bit more game stuff (but) this time of year seems to drag out forever,” McCrone said.

“We’re all biting at the bit to get a game.”

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