We are more accustomed to seeing him play on the footy field at his scintillating best – but for Josh Dugan, in 2011, his year was marred by a speeding charge, whereby police have alleged that he was travelling 45km/h over the speed limit, in Canberra.

As a result, Dugan will appear in the ACT Magistrates Court next week, to face 2 charges – one of high-range speeding offences, and the other of driving whilst suspended.

Josh Dugan pleaded not guilty to both charges in August of last year, but it was the decision made by the Raiders to not inform the NRL that Dugan had been charged, that has everyone talking – given clubs are expected to inform the NRL of such matters, out of courtesy.

Dugan’s manager, Paul Sutton, said:

“I understand Josh wasn’t aware he was suspended at the time this happened,” Sutton said.

“And I’m told the speed was not recorded by a camera but by a police vehicle following.

“This is why he’s pleading not guilty to both charges,” he said.

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