If you ask some fans, they will tell you that they hate the system. When you ask others, they will tell you that is fair in their eyes, and one that they are a fan of.

Despite differing views however, the talk has always been about whether or not the McIntyre System is the correct one for the NRL.

Having used it since after the Superleague, the war has waged on, and the fans that were not a fan of it, have had their wish granted – with the Independent Commission’s first major move, to scrap the McIntyre System.

“As the competition has become closer and the impact of ‘home and away’ finals matches even more significant, the system has become a source of increasing debate,” ARLC Chief Executive, Mr David Gallop, said today.

“The allocation of ‘home venues’ in the second week of the McIntyre system has been a particular concern.

“After going through a thorough process we are confident that this is the right time for this change.”

It was a recommendation to the Commission  on the back of an exhaustive reviewing process, undertaken by ARLC General Manager of Football Operations, Nathan McGuirk.

“Over the past few months we have been conducting a review with clubs and with the recently formed Competition Committee,” Mr McGuirk said.

“An overwhelming majority of clubs have shifted their support away from the McIntyre system and to one where the top four teams play each other in week one.

“It offers greater protection for the top four teams and the possibility of even closer matches.

“Each of the top four teams needs only to win two finals matches to reach the Grand Final, while the bottom four ranked teams must win three.

“The Minor Premiers and Team 2 are each guaranteed two home games.”

By ricky

3 thoughts on “McIntyre Finals system scrapped”
  1. I devised this final system and sent it to the ARL in 1994. It is great to see the League are using it again (they first used it in 1996). It would also be great if they were now honest and correctly called it the Crawford Final 8 System.

  2. I still don’t like it. Stop all this Bull….! Why should a team that finished 8. Still have a chance to be “champion”. Let’s crown the team “first passed the post” at the end of a FULL season, where EVERY TEAM PLAYS EACH OTHER TWICE, the true and worthy champions for the year. Everything else is manufactured and manipulated Bull….!

  3. Firstly Kim and Harry, thank you for the comments.

    I don’t know that this particular system as a name as such, apart from people jsut referring to it as the former system.

    I see that point Harry, but I guess if 8th place plays well enough to win, they deserve to be champions.

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