There are injuries, and then there are horrific injuries – and that is exactly what fans across Australia witnessed, with QLD Origin hopeful Jharal Yow Yeh suffering one of the worst leg injuries you will ever see.

Yow Yeh suffered a suspected compound fracture of the ankle, similar to the injury that ended the career of former Tigers winger, Taniela Tuiaki last year.

The incident came after Yow Yeh went to contest a high-ball with Souths winger Dylan Farrell, before he clashed knees with Farrell, and landed awkwardly on his leg, resulting in the severe break.

With Yow Yeh’s leg put in a leg brace, he was taken straight to the Royal Perth hospital for treatment and scans on his leg – with the Broncos 20-12 come-from-behind win against the Bunnies at NIB Stadium, marred by one horrific incident.

In front of almost 16,000 fans, the Broncos were trailing 12-0 at the time of Yow Yeh’s injury, but they fought back, scoring 4 unanswered tries, to seal the win for the club.

Broncos captain Sam Thaiday, who was one of the first to notice Yow Yeh’s horrific injury, was pressuring medical staff to give the QLD winger something for the excruciating pain he was going through.

“He’s laying there with his bone sticking outside of his boot,” Thaiday said.

“He was in a lot of pain there.

“Hodgo and I were just trying to encourage him as much as we could.

“The first thing that goes through your head when you get injured is your footy, and then your career and season.

“He was asking questions along the lines of those things.

“We were just reassuring him and making sure that he knew that we were there for him and supporting him.”

On the flip side, for Souths coach Michael Maguire, he lamented his side’s sloppy ball play after they went up 12-0.

“I think in that first half we had control and unfortunately we went away from our plan … and allowed the Broncos to get back into the game,” Maguire said.

“An example of that was the try before the end of the half. Unfortunately there was an error and they got a try out of that.”

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