Despite the Eels poor start to the season, languishing at the bottom of the table with 4 straight losses – halfback Chris Sandow has committed himself to the club, as they look to reverse their fortunes.

“It’s not the coach, it’s the players. We have to start turning up for each other,” Sandow said.

“We have to come together as a group. We’ve been talking about it for a while.

“We are new as a team so we are still building – hopefully things will start coming sooner rather than later.”

Some fans took matters into their own hands after the Eels poor performance against the Panthers – throwing coins onto the pitch, none of which hit Sandow.

“No, I would have picked them up otherwise.”

For Eels prop Justin Poore, he acknowledges fans are upset, and says they have every right to be.

“I go home and I’ve got little kids saying what’s wrong with you guys? What do you do – it’s life, we’ve just got to dig ourselves out of it,” Poore said.

“At the moment it’s not a good place to be and everybody’s disappointed but what do you do?

“It’s tough. No one likes copping criticism but we deserve it and you’ve got to cop it on the chin.

“As I’ve said before we’re the only ones who can fix the problem. We’ve got to go back to the drawing board.

“I don’t have an answer, we just have to keep trying and be patient as a playing group.”

Despite rumours that there is a rift at the club, Poore says that Kearney has the full support of the playing roster.

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