Cory McGrady

It is not the news that rugby league needed, or news that the fans wanted to hear – but Roosters U20 five-eighth Cory McGrady, has been charged with an alleged domestic violence incident.

According to Police, shortly after 8:30 pm last night, officers were called to Moore Park, where they found a 19-year old woman suffering from minor head injuries.

She was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for treatment, with police arresting a 19-year old man, and described him as a professional athlete, before charging him with common assault.

McGrady has been stood down indefinitely by the Roosters club, and will appear at Central Local Court on May 2nd.

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2 thoughts on “Young U20’s star charged with domestic violence”
  1. As a Roosters fan I am sick & tired of all the off field drama. What is so hard about understanding that you should NEVER raise your hands at females. Tear up his contract & hopefully other players & males in general will think twice before doing something cruel. I’m married & I know sometimes girls get under your skin but I walk away, cool down & then try & get my point across. I love Rugby League & the Roosters, players need to realize that playing footy for a living is an honor & whether they like it or not kids are going to look up to them & that they are obliged to be a good example.

  2. Firstly Eyad, thanks for the comment on our website :).

    Secondly, as an NRL fan, I do feel your pain in that regard, and the want to persecute McGrady heavily, for what he did.
    Despite what he did however (and note, I don’t condone violence against women in any shape or form), it’s now up to the courts to decide the next course of the action, that will subsequently determine what the NRL and Roosters do, after May 2nd.
    Continuing on from that point, I think the last thing that the club or the NRL can afford to do, is to sack him immediately, given that a) it is his first offence (at least that we have seen), and b) he is young, so he has room to improve as a person and learn essential life-skills that he can utilise in the real world, with the help from the Roosters and the NRL.

    If he is found guilty, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a decision similar to that of Lui – whereby he is suspended for a year, with the club and NRL offering him the recommended help and counselling.

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    Thanks again for the comment, Eyad.

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