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It would give the test match a true ANZAC feel if it was to materialise, with the ARL Commission issuing support for the the 2015 ANZAC Test to be played in Gallipoli – in what will mark 100 years since the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops in World War 1.

With a board meeting held last Friday, ARL Commissioners as well as NZRL CEO Jim Doyle and Chairman Scott Carter were present, with the move receiving unanimous support, should everything be sorted out.

All the finer details of the trip are being investigated and finalised, with a potential venue to host the game found, in the vicinity of ANZAC Cove.

“The Gallipoli centenary game was brought up at the commission meeting and it’s fair to say there is a high level of interest among the ARLC and NZRL,” NRL chief executive David Gallop said.

“A Test match between Australia and New Zealand would be an ideal fit for the Anzac celebrations.

“We are certainly pushing ahead to try and make it happen. The timeslot works in allowing the players to make it to Dawn Service at Anzac Cove the next morning after the game.

“It would be a special thing to be a part of for our senior players and fans of the game.

“It would be great for rugby league to celebrate such a significant event in both country’s history.”

The meeting took place last Friday, before the Test match at Eden Park, eventually won by Australia.

“We have previously done research on this game but everything went on hold until after the ARL commission was announced,” Doyle said.

“It was raised again and given support of the ARLC. It is still on the agenda. There is a bit of work to be done but there are certainly willing parties.

“I spoke to the New Zealand players and they want to participate in something of such value.

“We just have to work out the logistics, times frames, game time, Dawn Service and then getting the players back for the next NRL round.

“The ARL Commission is keen to see it happen. There is a lot of work to do but we hope to have a decision within the next two months.”

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