Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

If you are not a Roosters fan, you have probably never heard of him – ask any Roosters fan though, and they will tell you just how good this kid is – with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck a player to watch for the future in the NRL.

He was not necessarily the most experience young rugby league player coming through the ranks, he is plying his trade in the NYC under the guidance of former NRL halfback Jason Taylor, and is improving every week that he plays.

In a sign that he is destined for bigger things, Sheck has recorded the most running metres in the Toyota Cup by any player to date.

Tuivasa-Sheck credits Taylor for a lot of the work that he has done with him, and that the experience has been a learning curve that he has enjoyed.

“JT has been amazing for me,” he said.

“He has so much experience and he talks to me about stuff I had never even thought of on the football field.”

“He has taught me a lot of little short cuts and tricks to use on the field and a heap of tips on using the blindside.”

“It has been a massive challenge for me since I started playing for the Roosters because I am playing at a much tougher level and the game is a lot more technical over here than what I was use to.”

“With JT’s help and also that of the NRL coaches like Brian and Matty Elliott who has been a great help with my defence I think the transition has been pretty smooth.”

For a fullback, Tuivasa-Sheck also has a trademark step, one that bamboozles the opposition defenders.

“The step is something I have always used and I learnt it of my Dad,” he said.

“He played club rugby in New Zealand and he had a great step so I just watched him and copied what he does.”

With some players missing, the Roosters ANZAC Day win over the Dragons in NYC, moves them to equal first on the ladder.

“We have a great squad and I also think we have the best forward pack in the competition which makes it easier for us out wide,” said Tuivasa-Sheck.

Coming to Australia from New Zealand, Tuivasa-Sheck was apprehensive at first, as to how he would be received by players – but he has since learnt that the players are humble, and made him feel at home.

“I thought I would come out in my fist year and just take it easy and take my time to get comfortable with the boys, but everyone has just been really welcoming,” Tuivasa-Sheck said.

“I can just be myself around the boys, be loud and stupid and just have a laugh because we’re all such good mates.”

Whilst he loves playing football, it is not the only focus that he has, with Tuivasa-Sheck enrolling at Sydney Uni, to have an education for life after football.

“I am half way through my first semester studying a Bachelor of Human Movement and Secondary Teaching,” he said.

“I’m not doing every subject this semester so I can still have time for training but i think it is really important to have a life balance away from football.”

“I think that’s the best way to achieve success on and off the field.”

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