Greg Inglis

It was an idea that his former coach in Craig Bellamy believed could work, and it is finally coming into fruition – with Souths high-profile player, Greg Inglis, playing exceptionally well at the fullback position.

It was only a few months ago, that a lot of people considered Inglis to be overweight and not ready for the rigours of first-grade footy – but despite that, Inglis felt he came into his second season at the Bunnies in the best shape of his life.

What has made him an even fitter person, was his switch to fullback – as he now covers more ground as a fullback, than he ever has before playing any other position.

“I’m covering about nine kilometres a game now,” Inglis said.

“I don’t think I’ve covered nine kilometres a game since about six years ago.”

For a long time, ever since he first started playing first-grade, people had continued doubts about Inglis’s fitness, and how he would cope in a game as tough as the NRL.

“Probably, coming into the season it was the best shape I have been in,” Inglis said

“It’s good to see I am in this position … I have to keep at it. I am still up there. I have probably lost more fat than anything and gained a bit of muscle.

“I am back to 106 or 107 kilos. I have dropped the weight, not by much, but by a kilo or two.

“I haven’t changed much at all. It’s looking after my diet a bit more, just eating the right food at the right time. I cut all the fast food and that stuff out. [I eat] more of the good stuff.”

Although Inglis admits that playing fullback is a tougher task than what he is used to, he believes that he is slowly improving and maturing in the role.

“I come off feeling pretty fatigued and a bit flat,” Inglis said.

“We have things in place there for recovery to get our body right for the week after. I would say I’m the fittest I’ve been for quite a while – four or five years. Obviously I’m still looking forward to hitting my peak. I’m only 25 and I still think my best footy is yet to come.”

As he matures into the role of fullback, Inglis says that he watches top fullbacks like Billy Slater and Ben Barba, in order to learn more about the position.

“If you look at Billy Slater, you can see how much work he puts in,” Inglis said.

“I have really enjoyed the transition but I am picking up little things here and there. I will go back and watch Benny Barba, watch Bill play. Just picking up little things from different fullbacks.”

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