The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League are proud to announce the second (annual) Coppa Italia di Rugby a XIII Finals on Sunday May 6th staged at campo tor tre teste in Rome from 11 to 5pm onward with the Mens competition being the main event, but not without some all new sub-categories!

The second tier (“Reserve Grade or Feeder Clubs”) event was unveiled along with the Summer Championship – the r-Evolution League at the FIRFL’s first Season Launch (national conference) that was held at the prestigious “red rooms” at CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) in Rome on April 28. President David Massitti, Vice President Matteo Visona, Secretary-General Pierluigi Gentile and national members Marco Parrello (Rex Albinea) and Luigi Ferraro, Captain-Coach of the Magnifici Firenze rugby a XIII franchise and former Italia RU A captain and Aironi RU player precided over the event with various media attending, including national television coverage through Sport Italia 24 – broadcast on their News Program the next afternoon.

Teams from all over Italy participated in the knockout stage for the Senior Mens competition with overall growth and expansion shown moving from 8 to 12 teams. Sides from Reggio Emilia in the north, Rome and Perugia in Central Italy (Lazio and Umbria) and Sicilia in the south with Albinea, Canolo 13, USAG (Arlecchini Gladiators), Lupi Frascati (the Wolves), Centurioni Roma, Portaportese Roma, Estruschi Perugia, Grifoni Perugia, Briganti Librino XIII, Rectores Belpasso, CUS Catania 13 and Messina XIII participating.

The Coppa Italia (Final Four) and Grand Final this weekend sees Albinea (Reggio Emilia), USAG from Rome (Harlequins-Gladiators – the first Italian dual code Super club), Portaportese Roma RL and Rectores Belpasso from Catania vying to be Cup Champions.

In an historic day for Rugby League, the Italia RFL will expand into new sub-categories by fielding the first ever Womens and Junior Rugby League matches in Italy; we hope a sign of continued growth and excitement for the future. A Rugby League Nines mini-tournament will be held with three womens teams to battle it out with CUS Roma, Red e Blu (Roma) and IUSM (Roma) to meet. Rugby League will make the transition from Seniors to Juniors (Youth) with an U16 match played between Lazio against a Selection.

Meanwhile, the third r-Evolution League (Campionato) will begin on May 26th with the Grand Final proposed for July 27.

An announcement will be published in coming weeks about the format, new franchise and the current members.
The conference ended with discussion about the relationship between the two Italian rugby league federations with the Italia RFL looking for “for an open dialogue towards a democratic and constructive cooperation for the development of rugby League in Italy” and the following statement made by Secretary-General Pierluigi Gentile “Our doors are always open, well, time will tell.”

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