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The loss was bad enough for the Broncos, ending their winning streak – but to receive news that they will have to make do without halfback Peter Wallace for the next few weeks – cuts deep for NSW fans hoping that he would be there.

Wallace last played Origin back in 2009, and was looking close to at least being in the mix for this years series – before injury struck earlier tonight, with the Broncos play-maker going down with a groin injury.

Wallace is not optimistic about his chances of playing Origin this year.

“I don’t think so,” Wallace said.

“The side gets named next week so I think I’ll be out of that too.”

The Warriors win was their 4th of the season, buoyed by a heroic effort from hooker Nathan Friend – who played for 75 minutes with a broken jaw – mirroring similar feats by legend Scott Sattler, and fan favourite Preston Campbell.

For Broncos coach Anthony Griffin, it was his the way in which his side conceded the tries, that made him disappointed.

“We beat ourselves today in that first half,” he said.

He did however give the Warriors defence credit for their steely resolve, but was also disappointed at his side’s lack of attacking spark when chasing from behind.

“I think we just lost our composure a bit,” he said.

“If you give away 24 points in a half and you’re chasing points, that’s a chance to happen.”

It was the character of his players, and the way that his players carried themselves in the game that impressed coach Brian McClennan the most – the win epitomised by the heart and resolve of Nathan Friend.

“He’s a real tough customer,” he said.

“There was a call that went out amongst the group that we have to take that hard edge on ourselves and play through those tough periods like he has.”

Friend, who went to hospital for x-rays, had no intention of leaving the field.

“He said, ‘I might not get to play a 40 for a few weeks’.”

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