It is a sight that will make the game of rugby league more diverse, and more women-friendly – with an increasing number of women proving that they can do what men can, including coaching rugby league.

With the NRL landscape increasing rapidly, more and more women are expressing an interest to get involved in the coaching side of things – with 145 new females joining the school sport programs.

“We’re just as good, and communication and organisation are probably two of our strong points,” said Lauren McNally.

For Casey Gavenlock, a teacher from Macquarie Fields, she sees the idea of having a female coach as not only being beneficial for the students, but it may also convince more girls to play rugby league.

“It will definitely encourage more girls to get involved and to learn its not just a boys’ sport,” she said.

Another teacher, Kelly Wood, who coaches junior PSSA and senior PSSA rugby league at Willmot Public School, says that she has noticed more girls beginning to participate in the sport.

“Since I’ve been coaching we have had more girls play in our teams and girls I think do feel more comfortable playing when they have a female there to help them out,” she said.

It was teachers mainly from the Western Sydney region, who yesterday took part in a coaching course – with 15 of the 45 in attendance, women.

Jessica Graham, a teacher who teaches at Hurstville Boys, enjoys the thrill and excitement of coaching a young boys rugby league team.

“It builds a better rapport with students and it gives the students the opportunity to get fit, have fun and make friend,” she said.

Ms Gavenlock agreed: “It’s a good opportunity to see students outside the classroom in a different situation – in a team environment.”

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