Adrian Purtell

Injuries in rugby league are never good to see, but when an injury becomes life-threatening, it is always a concern – with former Raider and Panther, Adrian Purtell, now at the Bradford Bulls, suffering a heart attack.

Purtell, who is currently recovering at a Leeds hospital, suffered the heart attack only hours after playing for Bradford.

It was on the team bus that Purtell reported a feeling of tightness in his chest, with the heart attack the second major health scare the centre has had in his career.

Back in 2007, he was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis, after a blood clot was found in his lungs – with his mother receiving the news then, and now of the heart attack.

She received a phone call from the team’s doctor yesterday morning, and hopped on a flight to Manchester, in order to be by her son’s side.

“Adrian had a heart attack,” she told The Border Mail before boarding a flight to Manchester, via Sydney.

“He had a blockage to one of the main arteries to the heart but he’s OK.

“He’s in Leeds hospital and is in good care.

“It was very frightening this morning for everyone.”

The positive thing is that Purtell is in a stable condition, but he will have to remain in hospital for at least 5 days, as he recovers from the heart attack.

Purtell’s mother Fran, said that her son had been feeling under the weather for quite some time.

“He knew something was wrong,” Ms Purtell said.

“He said he had a sore chest a few weeks ago and was keeping an eye on it.

“He knew that something was amiss.

“It was hurting on the bus like it had been.

“The news for now is that he’s OK.

“His heart didn’t stop beating at that stage.

“If he’s allowed to go home he will.

“Thank the Lord his friend Josh Evans was there who is working in Leeds.”

“Josh went to school with Adrian.”

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