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It was a game that saw a 24-0 burst to the Broncos, a 2-24 revival for the Knights, before the Broncos scored another 24 answered points in the second half – as the Broncos won 50-24 at Suncorp Stadium.

Broncos coach Anthony Griffin said that although his side won the game, they still have not mastered playing for 80 minutes – lapses they can ill afford heading into future games.

“(We) probably should have had to (win it twice) after getting up 24-0,” said Griffin who still hasn’t found the key to Brisbane playing 80 minutes.

“We’re not at our best.”

The Knights first-half comeback showed a resolve from the side that has been largely unseen in recent weeks, with coach Wayne Bennett impressed by the magnitude of his side’s comeback.

“That start was the last thing we wanted the way we’ve been playing,” said Bennett.

“I can’t give them enough credit for that effort to come back and get (back) in that game. I’m just not sure how they did that.

“We’re not playing with a great deal of confidence and that was obviously born out in the 24-0 situation.

“They got themselves in a position in the second half to win it and then to find a way to lose it, we took the soft option in the end and gave up some soft tries.”

All games have a turning point, and in this one, it was a tackle by Broncos forward Alex Glenn that Knights back-rower Chris Houston took exception to – resulting in the Knights forward being penalised.

“The second half was a tragedy with Darius losing the ball over the line,” Bennett said.

“We break the line a few times and throw bad passes and that penalty (by Houston) which broke our hearts and we gave up three soft tries.”

Knights captain Danny Buderus agreed with Bennett’s thoughts on the Houston penalty.

“Any time you give away a penalty in possession it’s a killer,” he said.

“But on the back of the effort we put in to get back into the game, that was a bit hard to take.”

For the Broncos, coach Anthony Griffin knows that his side has some work to do, heading into future games.

“I’m extremely happy we got a win and I was happy with the last 15 or 20 minutes because we were on the ropes there and they were coming to get us at 26-24.

“I’m happy the players went out there today and found 50 points but we’ve got some work to do.”

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