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Whether or not it hurts the NRL’s chances of the billion dollar TV Rights deal that they are after, remains to be seen – but the NRL has been rocked by news that ARLC CEO David Gallop has stood down from the position, by mutual agreement with the board.

With ARLC Chairman John Grant indicating that the idea of the Commission was to bring a fresh approach to the game in order to improve it in general, as well as its longevity – the ARLC has a responsibility to constantly increase the game’s profile.

“David understands the need for a fresh approach. Taking this into account and with the interests of the game at heart, the Board and David have reached an agreement that the game needs a different style of leadership detached from the past for the next stage of its development,” Mr Grant said.

Grant paid tribute to how Gallop conducted himself in the role, as well as the role in general that he did whilst in the position – and over the last decade where change and development has been so rife in the NRL.

“This agreement should in no way detract from the job David has done over the last decade. He has proven his skills as an effective administrator despite having one of the toughest jobs in sports management and he can be justifiably proud of his achievements and the legacy he leaves,” Mr Grant said.

“His leadership and dedication through often challenging times has been a contributor to the commercial success of the NRL competition and the popularity Rugby League enjoys today.

“On behalf of the ARL Commission and the Rugby League community I thank him for the countless hours he has devoted to promoting and improving Rugby League in Australia,” Mr Grant said.

David Gallop had some words to say of his own, also.

“It’s been a privilege for me to lead the game over the last 10 years and see the game’s resurgence. I love the game and wish it well. Given there’s never a good time to give effect to a decision such as this, the Commission and I have both determined it’s best for me to depart immediately. I would like to thank the clubs, the players, my staff and the fans of the game. It has been an exhilarating and challenging period, but no one can do this job forever.”

Mr Grant said: “David leaves with the broadcast negotiations under control following the appointment of Greenhill Caliburn as lead negotiator and the new whole-of-game strategic plan well advanced.

“The search for a new CEO will commence immediately and, in the interim, NRL General Manager of Strategy, Mr Shane Mattiske, who is leading the Executive’s role in the broadcast negotiations and development of the whole-of-game strategic plan, has agreed to lead the business.

“We have a very capable Senior Leadership Team that, with the support of the Board, will ensure there is continuity until a new CEO is appointed,” he said.

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