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It has long been the criticism of many-a-fan, that the Broncos have far too many Friday night games – for whatever reason that may be.

Despite that, the Broncos will play their second consecutive Sunday afternoon game this weekend, and for Broncos halfback Peter Wallace, he supports the idea that the Broncos should play more Sunday afternoon games, over the course of the season.

In what was a rare weekend fixture for the Broncos last week, against the Newcastle Knights on a Sunday afternoon – they will do the same this weekend, facing the Sydney Roosters – with Wallace saying that the club would love the opportunity to play more Sunday afternoon games.

“It’s good playing Friday but I think Sunday is the best day to play footy,” Wallace said.

“We usually play Fridays but I actually enjoyed playing footy on a Sunday (against Newcastle last week), we were able to play nice and fast which suits our team.

“It’s just a good feel. It’s a day off for people, it’s a family day and the conditions really help.

“The weather is good up here (in Brisbane) . . . but it seems that Friday is our day.”

By ricky

2 thoughts on “Wallace supports idea of more Sunday footy for Brisbane”
  1. it’s truly I’m supporting an skipper for Broncos comments, seems this year NRL master draw same as last year, mostly their game on friday night footy.

  2. A lot of games come at the request of both the club, as well as the network (in this case Nine) – but I’d expect that to change for the new TV rights deal.

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