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The first round of the Northern Conference in the r-Evolution League (Federazione Italiana RFL) launched on Saturday June 9 at Al Padovani in Florence, between Magnifici Firenze and Nova Gorena Padova. Magnifici having the advantage of experience won 24 to 12, although felt tested by Gorena. The afternoon was not without its historic moments with the first junior rugby league team, aside the two from Rome being formed with Magnifici Firenze U16 taking on Lazio Rugby U16 (under Gladiators Roma) with three rugby league 9’s matches played.

The second round of r-Evolution League (a national based rugby league championship) began for the Southern Italian Conference teams at Stadio Goretti di Catania on Saturday with the Spartans Catania at home against the rookies from Frosinone, Ceccano Rugby League.

The Ceccano outfit are coming off an impressive debt 36 to 16 loss against two time champions, the strong Gladiators Roma lineup from round one, now came up against a Sicilian brick wall! The second Southern clash kicked off at 4.30pm with the Catania fans seeing their new jersey for the first time, after achieving third position in last year’s National Finals in Rome.

Under the training guidance of Italian-Australian (based in Sicilia for a number of years) Johnny Grasso (coach), Marco Suaria (captain) and Massimo Nicotra (President), the Spartans Catania team based at the stadium “Santa Maria Goretti” close to Mt Etna, imposed their game against the new club with Marcello Marchese directing the Spartans very well with the side producing a 24 to nil victory with five tries and two conversions for Fabio Borina. The next fixture will be one of the most anticipated in recent memory with Spartans Catania being highly rated in the pre-season and the Gladiators Roma still undefeated since foundation in 2010 – the result will determine who could be a very strong contender for the title.

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