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It was a concept that was abandoned a while back, but former Papua New Guinea player now Kumuls coach, Adrian Lam, believes that a PNG Origin game should be reintroduced, in order to give country a bigger variety of players to choose from, for next years 2013 Rugby League World Cup.

With Lam wanting the best side possible to be picked based on their performances, Lam says that the match can be made up of two teams – one being a PNG based side known as the Residents with top elite players from the competition, the second to be overseas based players known as the Internationals, before a final team is picked to head to the World Cup.

“The Origin match is the best concept introduced back in 2009 and should be reintroduced this year to help prepare our Kumuls team for the World Cup next year,” the former Queensland’s Maroons halfback who turned his back on Australia to play for his country of birth, said Lam.

Lam is also of the belief that in time, PNG can defeat the likes of Australia, England and New Zealand, if the right attention is given to the game – including continued developmental programs, and more international exposure for the national side.

“The way the league is going is truly on its knees and at the moment no one is making the right decisions to move
forward and as a coach, we do not want to put ourselves in that position again like the previous years,” Lam said.

“As the saying goes, if you are always doing what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve done.”

Lam did have one warning, though – that any player not affiliated to the PNGRFL, will not be selected, regardless of their talent.

“Without Brad Tassell and his hard working team, I don’t think such a high standard of profile rugby league players and competition would enter the country,” he said.

“And they have also done well for rugby league in general with their strong junior development program in the country, and I applaud them for a job well done.”

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2 thoughts on “Bring back PNG Origin: Lam”
  1. Well Mr. Lam you are brilliant and fair in selection and PNG origin concept is a way forward in selecting a team that can be competitive. a few years back, picking a national team was a total disgrace, one would think politics or corruption had a say in selecting the kumul team.

    we can do it and i am sure Lam has the vision and plott to deliver at least a team that can truely give kiwis, kangaroos or poms a run for their money

    Nice work Lammy

  2. I must say KF, that I actually embrace the idea.
    I think it’d be good if we could see the PNG-type Origin match that Lam raises, so we can in future, see a competitive PNG side.
    It’s certainly an idea that does have the merit, and particularly with the country’s leader behind the push for RL, as well as the Bid Chief in Paul Tassell, things are certainly looking bright for RL in PNG.

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