Paul Aiton

Players sustaining on-field injuries is bad enough, but when they come during a holiday – it makes the incident much more serious, with former Panther and Shark Paul Aiton, now playing at ESL side, the Wakefield Wildcats, attacked whilst on holiday in Spain.

Aiton, who is also a former Kumuls captain and Papua New Guinean international representative, had played in all 21 of Wakefield’s games this season, and it was during a three-day break in which he was attacked.

Aiton, 27, was struck so viciously, that his broken jaw required an operation, to insert a metal plate into it.

“He’s been assaulted and robbed,” Wakefield coach Richard Agar said on Thursday. “Unfortunately, he’s been in the wrong place at the wrong time and he’s been whacked around the face with an object.

“He’s not sure if it was a bat or an iron bar which has knocked him down and they’ve taken his bag that had his phone, sunglasses and wallet inside of it and taken off with it.

“It’s a real blow for us because he’s probably been our most consistent player and he’s our toughest player, that’s for sure.

“He’s really shaken up and it’s put a real downer on the start of our week.”

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