Corey Parker

It would be hard to imagine Corey Parker in anything other than a Broncos jersey, but it nearly happened, with the Broncos stalwart revealing that he rejected an offer from the Storm, in order to remain a one-club man with the Broncos.

For Parker, who will play in his 250th NRL game this weekend – it was the milestone itself with the Broncos, that convinced him to stay loyal to the Broncos.

After fielding offers from both the Storm and Canterbury over the years, things could have been different as a rookie for Parker, but the stalwart stuck to his guns, and is now the Broncos leader.

“I had two opportunities to leave the club,” said Parker.

“Craig Bellamy was leaving the Broncos to coach the Storm.

“My name got thrown around and they offered a fair bit of money at the time.

“I had an enormous respect for Craig.He was brilliant as our head trainer. But, once I eliminated the money side of things I figured if I can make it at the Broncos I can make it anywhere because of what the club stands for.

“I’m glad I stayed.

“I’ve won a premiership (in 2006), played for Queensland and Australia, and it’s hard to put a price on that.”

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