With the news that Michael Searle has stepped down at CEO to move into a new position – the Gold Coast Titans have unveiled and outlined their new blueprint, for what they hope will bring about future success for the football club.

The changes to their management team were done, as the Titans brace themselves for a new era of stability and financial security, with some key announcements being:

1. David May appointed as the club’s new Chief Executive Officer.
2. New Titans investors being introduced to the club.
3. Former CEO Michael Searle being appointed the Executive Director of Football, as well as Managing Director of Titans 4 Tomorrow.

May will now oversee all management responsibilities at the club, having joined the club as CEO from his previous role, one with the Titans official partner and sponsor, iSelect.

“While it was hard to leave an organisation as great as iSelect, when I was approached about this role by the Titans it was too good an opportunity to turn down,’’ said May.

“I’ve been involved with the Titans since 2006 at Jetstar and I really believe in this club and what it stands for. I believe in the local community and the Gold Coast region and I am confident that we can build something wonderful for our community, our staff and our players.

“What the Titans have achieved so far is incredible. I don’t believe any club in any sport in this country puts more back into the community than the Titans. Six seasons ago no-one would have dreamed how far the Titans would have advanced – on and off the field. My job now is to take that success and help everyone here achieve even greater things.

“My aim is to provide the best possible platform for the club to achieve on-field success. This club, the community and all our wonderful supporters deserve something great from the Titans and I will be giving absolutely everything I have to make that happen.”

The Titans new investors, who they hope can keep the team alive in the years to come – include local businessmen Daryl Kelly and Graeme Connor, as well as Richard Ellis, the Chairman and Managing Director of CB.

“Importantly, the investors have worked together to bring stability and certainty back to the club and now we have to step forward and show the best the Gold Coast has to offer,’’ added May.

“The belief and commitment that the three investors have shown to the Gold Coast and their football team is really incredible, and to bring their mix of business experience and passion to the club is great for the club and the broader community.

“I want to be able to say, in five years time, that the Gold Coast community, our staff and players, have helped create the best sporting club in Australia and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think that was possible.”

Matt McCann, who is the Chief Executive Officer at iSelect, said that whilst it was disappointing to see May leave the company itself, they are excited to see him in his new role with the Titans, the team they have a sponsorship with.

“While we’re certainly sad to see Dave leave iSelect we’re very pleased that he’s moving to an organization with which we share such a close affiliation.”

“Dave’s decision to join the Titans will further cement the strong relationship between iSelect and the club. I’m really pleased for Dave – he’s always been a passionate supporter of rugby league and it’s rare in life that you’re able to meld a personal passion with your professional career. I’m looking forward to working with him in his new role as CEO of the Titans.”

For Michael Searle, who was the former CEO, he is excited at what the changes will mean for the Titans organisation as a whole, and looks forward to his 2 new roles.

“From a personal perspective I am delighted to continue on with my passion in developing the Titans Football Club and our incredible community programs. These programs continue to deliver real outcomes changing people’s lives for the better, in communities near and far and they have gained national and international recognition.

“The experience and stature of the new investors and the addition of David May to lead the management team will see this club soar to new heights into a new era and I am excited to continue to play my part in this club. I love the game of rugby league but equally I love the positive impact it has on young men and women. This club is close to achieving great things on and off the field, at levels we have not experienced before.”

Michael Searle

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