Mitchell Pearce

There have been rumours galore about his future destination, and that he has a rift with the current Roosters coach, Brian Smith – but for Mitchell Pearce, he denies all such rumours, and denies there is a rift between he and the coach.

The rumours at one stage went so far, as to suggest that neither Pearce nor Smith were on speaking terms with each other, but Pearce denies that that is the case – and denied other reports that said he had asked for a release.

“We had a meeting last week and everything’s sweet,” Pearce told reporters on Monday.

“I love the club. There’s not roses flying around the room because we’re obviously not winning.

“Everyone in the club’s lacking confidence at the moment, obviously. Watch the way we’re playing. It’s just a matter of facing it head-on.”

Those are not the only media reports that are pestering Pearce, with reports in recent times putting the Roosters halfback under pressure, for his perceived playboy lifestyle.

“I’m definitely committed to football,” Pearce said.

“Everyone’s saying I’m partying and hanging out with these chicks but you guys aren’t at my house.

“I’m not proud of the perception, never once have I come out and said I’m proud of it, I’m embarrassed by it all to be honest. I’m sick of all the media, sick of the papers.”

When talk of the captaincy comes up, Pearce is quick to shy away from putting his hand up – instead saying that club stalwart and future legend Anthony ‘Mini’ Minichello, should be the one to assume the captaincy.

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