Feleti Mateo

Their defeats can perhaps be put down to that of a meltdown, but you better not tell that to the Warriors themselves, as the club knows that excuses are not the sort of thing they need at the moment.

Three successive losses have the Warriors in 12th place, and in danger of missing out on the finals, they are still only two points outside the eight – with play-maker Feleti Mateo unsure of clear cut reasons behind their recent lapses.

“With the senior guys we’ve got in our team, we should be able to close these games out. But we just haven’t been,” Mateo told LiveSport radio.

“It’s easy to blame it on inexperience but we’re professionals.”

He did pinpoint that it was momentum that went against them in the past two games, but says that it has nothing to do with the physical fitness of the Warriors players.

“It definitely comes down to a mental thing. It only takes one play, one tackle, one run by a player to shift the momentum,” he said.

“It’s easy to say `we should have done this’ to change the momentum but in the heat of the moment it’s hard to make that change.

“It’s not one you can coach but it’s something we’ve had to deal with for most of our season… we have to get it right.”

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