Ricky Thorby

All teams have workhorses and superstars in their forward pack, whilst other players are toilers, and just go out there and to their job. For Ricky Thorby, he is a toiler.

Not a superstar forward by any means, but he knows what he has to do as a player, and the Cowboys have seen and acknowledged that, with the decision to extend Thorby’s contract for a further two seasons.

Thorby has played for the Cowboys in 13 games this year, after making his debut for the club in Rd 5 against the Canberra Raiders, with the club pleased at how Thorby has gone for them.

“Ricky has seen the results of a lot of hard work and everyone at the club is happy that he’s had such a good season with us this year,” Cowboys General Manager – Football Peter Parr said.

“He’s become a regular in our forward pack and we believe that will continue to be the case for the next two years.”

Thorby himself is pleased with the direction that the club is heading in, and is excited to be a part of it.

“The Cowboys are a great club to be at,” Thorby said.

“You can tell we are moving in a positive direction and that there are good times ahead.”

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