Jim Doyle

It would have been a decision that he was not about to take lightly, but for current New Zealand Rugby League Chief Executive Officer John Doyle, he feels that it is now the right time for him to step aside from the role – and he will do so at the end of the year.

Despite that, however, he will help the administration find the appropriate replacement for him, as they look to replace Doyle – with the departing CEO credited for changing the NZRL structure, creating pathways for rugby league players, generating long-term partnerships, increasing profits, and strengthening public perception of the NZRL.

“I really wanted to make a difference and do all I could to help rugby league become a much stronger sport on all fronts and at all levels. It has certainly been a very challenging three years and I feel I have done all I can personally to achieve that.”

Timing is everything however and with his initial game plan all but complete he believes now is the best time to pass the reins to someone new that will lead the organisation through the next chapter of its journey.

“I truly believe the game is heading in a fantastic direction and I feel very fortunate that I have been able to play a role in shaping that direction, however I think that it is important that the CEO who will lead the organisation through the next chapter be part of creating the next strategic phase.”

Scott Carter, who is the Chairman at the NZRL, had nothing but praise for the departing CEO, saying that Doyle achieved the goals that the NZRL had planned, and took them into a new and promising direction.

“Jim has an exceptional talent for communicating, an outstanding work ethic and a commercial aptitude that is simply first-class. We have been extremely privileged to have Jim lead the organisation through a very critical period and he will undoubtedly be missed by everyone.”

“This is also an exciting time to be joining the organisation, given the achievements of recent years. Whilst the new chief executive has big shoes to fill, I am confident we will find someone that shares the passion and determination we all have for the game.”

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