For the potential expansion teams, the message they received from the ARLC, that expanding the NRL may be put on hold may or may not sit down well – but despite all that, the Brisbane Bombers are confident of their bid, despite the delay.

Bombers Bid Chief Craig Davidson is confident that his bid can get a start in the NRL at some point, highlighting the need for the opportunity of having a game played in the Queensland capital, every weekend.

“However there are a number of other things that we would look to in forming a view.”

That view will be part of the game’s strategic plan, which is currently being formed by the ARLC.

Davison is confident the need for an increased presence in Brisbane will form part of that plan, which would give broadcasters the possibility of having a game in the Queensland capital every weekend.

“I firmly believe Brisbane will get another team at some point in time and I believe that point of time will be sooner, rather than later,” Davison said.

The additional expected delay on expansion, comes after the ARLC announced the new TV rights deal a few short days ago, though the potential for a ninth game is always being considered by the ARLC.

“The indication through the discussions was that there was minimal value that we would see come through broadcast deal as a result of introducing two new teams,” ARLC interim chief executive Shane Mattiske said.

“The fact that there isn’t additional value that will come through the broadcast deal for a ninth game is a factor in the consideration of expansion.

“However there are a number of other things that we would look to in forming a view.”

For Davidson, he believes it is a matter of when and not if, as to Brisbane getting a second team in the NRL – noting that David Gyngell, the boss of Channel 9, remarked that Brisbane was, “the league’s strongest market”.

“He’s clearly said previously that Brisbane needs another team,” said Davison.

“I can’t pre-empt what might or might not happen, but I certainly believe that when the strategic plan comes out it will give a much better indication of where (expansion) teams might go.”

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